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Disclosure Regarding Processing of Personal Data

This disclosure was drawn up by  Vista Turizm ve Seyahat A.S to fulfil its obligations related to processing personal data as per the 10th article of Personal Data Protection Law (“PDP Law”) no. 6698.

In order to carry out its activities and provide its services, Vista Turizm ve Seyahat A.Ş. (“Vista”) gathers oral, written and electronically provided personal data through various channels such as its offices, branch offices, call centres, internet sites, social media accounts, corporate clients and others. Vista collects the following personal data, which may however vary depending on the product or service provided: personal identification and communication information such as the ID number, date of birth, gender, email address, phone number, and permanent address; financial, visual and passport data necessary for visa procedures; loyalty card information of the  airlines, hotels, car rental companies, etc.; credit/debit card information for payment or guarantee of payment purposes; position in the company, employee number, name of the department, etc. for the purpose of providing reports to the person’s organisation.

For the purpose of providing services such as transportation, accommodation, car rental, visa and insurance procedures, the organisation of meetings and events, or other services, Vista transfers personal data to airlines, hotels, car rental companies, consulates, visa application centres, congress registration agencies, tour operators, insurance companies, transfer companies, and similar service providers in Turkey and abroad.  

Vista stores personal data in its own database and in the global distribution systems  that are used to book air, hotel, car etc. for the purpose of providing better service, handling customer service issues,  invoicing, reporting and auditing, complying  with legal requirements and meeting public authorities’ and bodies’ requests in accordance with the applicable legislation.

If there is a corporate agreement between Vista and the person’s organisation and/or if the payments of the services are made by an organisation, Vista may share and report personal information together with the travel details with the respective organisation and with third persons or institutions as the organisation may request.

With the exception of those defined above, Vista does not process personal data under any other circumstances. 

You can at any time reach Vista via email (kisiselveri@vistatourism.com) and a) learn whether or not your personal data have been processed, b) if processed, request detailed information, c) learn the purpose of processing and whether or not the data have been used in accordance with the purpose, d) request the names of third persons in the country / abroad the data have been transferred to, e) request the correction of incomplete / wrong data, f) request data deletion / destruction in line with the conditions in article 7 of the Personal Data Protection Act, g) request the information of third persons who have received the data regarding processing in accordance with (e) and (f) above,  h) submit a complaint if data analysis done exclusively with automatic systems that result in an unfavourable effect for the data owner, and i) request compensation for damages suffered as a result of illegal data processing.