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Corporate Social Responsibility

"We Share What we Have Earned from the Tourism Sector With The Sector"

As a team who believes in sharing what we have earned from the sector with the sector, we determined our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative as "the education of qualified people for the tourism sector” . In partnership with Sabanci Foundation, we  launched a scholarship program for students enrolled in departments of Tourism and Travel Services or Tourism and Hotel Management at two year Vocational Schools in Turkish Universities. Within 10 years we will be granting scholarships to 2400 students in total under this Corporate Social Responsibility project.

At Vista, we believe that every investment to the sector is  a further insurance for  the development of this sector and we act with this responsibility.

Please visit  www.sabancivakfi.org or burs yönergesi addresses to get further details about scholarship application conditions.


"We are aware of "Celebral Palsy" "

Vista become  a corporate member of Spastic Children's Foundation of Turkey. Particulary on the World Celebral Palsy Day, Vista supports fund and awareness raising activities in the company. 

Please visit www.tscv.org.tr website for more information about Spastic Children's Foundation of Turkey.